Local Hospitals Charity Launch Our Shining Stars Campaign

Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals’ (DBTH) Charity has today, 22nd August 2022, officially launched its ‘Our Shining Stars’ campaign, which will seek to, once again, light up Doncaster Royal Infirmary, Bassetlaw Hospital and Montagu Hospital this December.

Last year, over 30 stars of all shapes and sizes lit up the buildings across all three DBTH sites. The illuminations were sponsored by generous local families, individuals, schools, and a wide variety of local businesses, and the Trust’s charity is now asking for sponsorships again for this year’s campaign. 

GXO Logistics with their star in 2021

In just two years, this festive campaign has raised an incredible £60,000 for hospital services, and colleagues hope that this year’s campaign will continue to add to this fantastic total – money which will be reinvested into patient care, treatment and facilities.

Sponsorship is open to all, including individuals, community groups, local businesses and schools. There are four different types of stars with four different price levels starting at £500 and running to £5,000 – each of which comes with a range of benefits to the sponsors. The funds raised through this campaign will enable the charity to continue to support the trust to improve patient experience at all levels across their hospital sites, funding projects which help them go above and beyond for patients, their families and our colleagues which cannot be funded by the NHS alone.  

Sponsorship packages for 2022

Alfie Wigley, whose mother, Gaynor Wigley, works as the Ward Manager on Rehab 1 at Montagu Hospital, has already been working incredibly hard to raise the funds which will enable him to sponsor a star this coming Christmas. To raise the funds, the intrepid youngster has created a tuckshop and raffle on Rehab Ward 1 at Mexborough Hospital, allowing staff, visitors, and patients to purchase a sweet treat as well as a raffle ticket, where they could win a wide collection of prizes.

Alfie’s star with his tuckshop at Montagu Hospital

Gaynor spoke about the amazing efforts of Alfie. She said: “Last year Alfie asked about the Christmas Stars on the side of the hospital building at Montagu. I told him the story behind them. He said he wanted one and wasn’t put off by the cost when I told him they were £500!

“I am incredibly proud of Alfie. I am sure that the money raised will be put to fantastic use by Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals’ Charity and both Alfie and I would like to express our thanks to all those who have purchased anything from the tuckshop or bought a raffle ticket.”

Alfie pictured with his star, Mum and colleagues of Montagu Hospital

For more information or to reserve a star, please visit www.dbthcharity.co.uk/our-shining-stars/

As well as being able to sponsor a physical star, Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals’ Charity is also giving people the opportunity to sponsor a virtual star for any donation amount, with these stars being displayed on screens around the hospital as well as on the charity’s website. To sponsor a virtual star, please click on this link  https://visufund.com/our-shining-stars-2022

If you have any other questions about how you can support DBTH’s ‘Our Shining Stars Campaign’ or if would like to sponsor a star, please contact the Fundraising and Communications Team on 01302 644244 or dbth.charity@nhs.net.