“Grandy For your dedication & hard work With love ECSEJN-BNSPKE”

Nicola Place bought a heart in recognition of her mother Mandy, for her selflessness and hard work during the pandemic. She bought another for her partner’s aunt and cousins, who showed incredible dedication and bravery as they supported the care system.

Mandy, who is affectionately known as ‘grandy’, a combination of her name and ‘grandma’, lived on her own as she worked as a HCA throughout the pandemic, daughter Nicola explained. She wasn’t in a bubble and as such and was unable to help her other daughter through her pregnancy.

“She was so brave and thoughtful and didn’t think about anything else. We didn’t see her for months so she had to rely on herself.” said Nicola.

She went on: “She would always say ‘those people need me’. She’ll give anything for them. I wanted to commend her for being so brave and give her something she’ll have forever.”

Looking at a picture of Grandy in her PPE, Nicola’s sister said: “This just makes me want to cry!”

“She sacrificed so much to care for others. She was born to care, she has such a loving soul. Bless her.”

Nicola’s second heart was dedicated to her partner’s family. The Greaves family, comprised of Karen, Jenna, Linzi and Camron, all work in care and nursing and did so throughout the height of the pandemic. 

In order to keep all her residents safe, Karen, who is a nursing home manager, chose to move in to the home full-time, alongside her granddaughter who was just 13. Eventually, Karen, Linzi and Camron all moved in.

“They are the hardest workers you’ll ever know,” Nicola explained.

Karen and Camron alongside fellow care home workers

“I bought the heart to commend them for being so thoughtful and selfless. It was an amazing thing they did. They never think about themselves.” 

You too can dedicate a heart for just £20 either in memory of your loved one or to say than you to someone who has gone above and beyond for you throughout the pandemic.

The funds raised through Hearts for Doncaster will be directly reinvested into patient care, treatment, and facilities across the Trust.

To purchase a heart, follow this link.

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